Dear Friends,

Starr Space is temporarily on sabbatical from programming.

For several months, the staff and I have been working with an expediter and a zoning board in Brooklyn in hopes of having our venue rezoned as a Commercial establishment. Recently, we found out that this will not be possible without a protracted, expensive appeal to a higher authority in Manhattan. As a result, we have chosen to temporarily shut down Starr Space and implement a radically scaled-back calendar of events in the spring.

It has been an unbelievably wild ride, and we (Joseph, Stacey, and I) would like to thank all of the performers, artists, organizers and instructors who have made the last three years downright magical. We would also like to thank YOU for coming out to Bushwick and partying with us and fostering an incredible sense of comraderie and community.

We hope to be back at some point soon and will definitely let you know.